Sunday, 12 January 2014

MAN-EAGLE TOUR 2013: Blog [Part 1]


Soundtrack – The Kinks

*First lesson learned from tour!! (And not by any means the last, as you'll see) - relying on an ipod, the van we ended up with had NO AUX IN so just 1 cd for the whole journey (well ok it was a double album so there were technically 2 cds)...

DAY 1: "Dead End Street"
[20 - 23 JUNE – On The Road from the UK to HRKO fest - Slovakia/Romania border - journey time: 36 hours]

BAAAAAD start as everything seems to begin to go wrong before it's even really started..!
First of all we're waiting for hours wondering where Pete The Czech is with the van, then when Pete finally arrives with the van it has problems. So we have to take it all the way back to (Walsall?) before heading back over to Worcester. By this point we're wondering if we're going to have to cancel everything. We've already had to accept our ferry would have left without us... :-0

Tour quote No. 1: [Mari] "Bullshittery!!!"

Finally though, we're all in the van leaving Worcester just after 4pm (5 hours behind schedule) and heading for the later ferry, Rob's cracked open the bottle of Aldi's finest champers, and we're ON OUR WAY!! :-D

>>>>> LINK TO DAY 2: "Waterloo Sunset" <<<<<<

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